• All racers once staged first round for any event will be entered into the points program FREE of Charge. You will get one point for each round you win per entry, unless you buyback. Once you have bought back into competition, you can no longer receive points for that entry for that day.

  • Tie breakers will be decided the racer who scored the most points in a single race.

  • If you are double-entered into competition, in the same class, you should either be putting an X behind your first number for your second entry, or running two different numbers. It is the driver’s responsibility to make sure that they are changing numbers to go with the right entry, when going down the racetrack. 

  • In Box, Doorcars and Dragsters will run separate for the first 4 rounds, unless otherwise specified. When called to the lanes for round 5, all remaining entries will come to the same lanes.

  • Buybacks will be 1st round only, unless specified on flyer for certain race, in Box and No Box. All racers (buybacks and winners) will be called and run together for the next round.

  • Break Rule: If a driver’s car breaks at any point during the event, they may get into another car. This will have to be verified by the race director. The car will have to be deemed broken. The car that the driver decides to use, will have to be out of competition for that day, and they could not have made a pass in the vehicle that day.

  • A driver may run the same vehicles in both classes. However, when switching over to No Box, from Box, the delay box must be out of the racecar. In No Box, transbrakes, and two-steps are permitted. 

  • Once both cars are pre-staged, it is a race. Dial-Ins are final at this point. The starter will be flipping the switch once both are pre-staged. Drivers have the ultimate responsibility for making sure their dial-in is correct.

  • The best reaction time from the last time trial on the first day (if more than 1 is given) will be the wait and see bye 1st round. In the case, that there is a tie, for the 1st round wait and see bye, it will go to the first one who did it. The remaining days, the 1st round wait and see bye will go to the previous day winner. All other byes will go off the best reaction from the previous round. If two cars, have the same best reaction time, tie breaker will be best package. If they both have the same package, it will go to the one who had it first. All bye runs carry over for that day. 

  • An entry cannot have two bye runs on the same day unless every entry left in competition has already had one. If this is the case, the best reaction from the previous round, will receive the wait and see bye. 

  • If there is an even number of entries coming back for the next round of competition, the wait and see bye will have lane choice.

  • If a pair of cars have physically been told by the staging lane director, that they are running each other, and one of the cars cannot proceed, for whatever reason, they will have (2) minutes, from the time, their opponent has pulled up to the ready line (behind the water box). If they are still are unable to proceed, their opponent will get a competition single. If the driver is broke, between the ready line, and any other time of the run, upon pre-staging, they will be on a 30 second timer. The driver winning the round, and claiming the competition single, will still be eligible to receive an earned wait and see bye in the race. This does not apply to staging battles.

  • In Box, if there are two or more door-cars remaining, requesting the same lane, not including the wait and see bye (if it is a door-car), then a coin flip will determine your lanes. If there is an odd door-car, they will be paired up with the first dragster, in the opposite lane. 

  • Left-handed steer roadsters, and motorcycles run with door-cars. Center-steer roadsters, run with dragsters.

  • Deep staging is allowed in No Box. The driver must have DEEP written on all (4) windows. Tape may be used to indicate that the racer will be staging deep on roadsters or motorcycles.  "D" is only permitted on vehicles with no windows or motorcycles. The racer needs to make sure the starter know they are staging deep. In Box, if a driver knocks out the pre-stage bulb, they will go red. 

  • Electronic altering, such as predicting or adjusting equipment, such as a top end RPM limiters, GPS controllers, any traction control, counter interfaces, driveshaft sensors, or the use of the Arc Module is prohibited. In No-Box, all electronic throttle stops are prohibited. If somebody is to violate one of these rules, they are subject to lose any points, prizes, or winnings. You will not get refunded, and will be suspended indefinitely from the event, and will have to tech automatically, before re-entering in future races, no matter of time frame.

  • If a race is rained out before eliminations have begun, or before first round of eliminations is complete, the purse can be carried over to another day during the event. If a race is rained out  before second round is complete, the purse may be carried over to another day, with the buybacks refunded. If second round is complete, the race may be finished at another time of the weekend, time permitting. If there is no time to complete the event, the purse will be split up between all remaining competitors. There will not be any double points races because of rain-outs. 

  • In the event of a re-run, dial ins and lanes must remain the same, as the original race.

  • In the case of an electronics timing malfunction, if both drivers are green, and there’s a timing malfunction, it will be re-ran per race director’s discretion. If a driver is red, the race is over. Race director will have ultimate final say-so in this predicament.  

  • New entry rule: For new entry time trials, if the car has been down the racetrack at anytime during the event, it will not receive a new entry time trial. New entry time trials are for cars that have not been down the racetrack. No EXCEPTIONS!!!!

  • A driver may deny their wait and see bye run upon the first round of receiving it. Said entry, will be eligible to re-earn it in a later round.

  • At 8 entries or less, we will be laddering using a Sportsman ladder. If the bye run has carried over from the previous round, they will automatically be #1 qualifier, and everybody else will be qualified for the ladder using your reaction time from the previous round. If there is a new bye run, all entries will be qualified using your previous round reaction time for the ladder. The race will re-ladder every round, using the previous round reaction time, and the bye-run will always carry, and will always be the #1 qualifier. The higher qualified racer entry will always have lane choice, as well as the wait and see bye. 

  • We will not be using Stage Lock at any event.

  • From pre-stage, to stage, the last motion must be forward when staging the vehicle.

  • Any clarification of a rule that has not been covered in this set of will rules will be made by the Event Director and/or Race Promoter.



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